‘Color Analysis’ Is The Hot New Trend In Fashion And Makeup. Here’s How You Find Your Colors.

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You may have heard the term “color palette,” but do you know what it means?

Basically, you have a group of colors that look good on you, and that’s your palette.

There is a winter, spring, summer, and fall palette — a warm palette, a cool palette, and anything in between.

There’s a lot of nuances around color temperature, color tone, intensity and volume — Sometimes it’s hard for a regular eye to recognize a cold color verses a warm color.

Julia Dobkine, Color and Style Consultant

For example, I look horrible in yellows, oranges, and beiges.

I know that I can’t wear those colors either in clothing or in makeup.

Yellows, oranges, and beige are in the warm palette. So, I steer clear of that end of the palette.

Blues, purples, and greens are more my jam, and they are in the cool spectrum of the color wheel.

Knowing your color palette can help make sure you look and feel your best in your clothes and makeup.

How Do You Find Out What Color Palette Is For You?

You know which colors tend to look good on you — the colors you feel comfortable in.

But, you can see a color analyst to get your precise palette colors.

It’s always a process of elimination — There’s different techniques and different clues that I’m looking for and pretty much every person’s really, really individual.

Julia Dobkine, Color and Style Consultant

It is important to note that your “colors” won’t change as you age. Your colors are your colors.

According to Today, your skin tone can be affected by so many things, but your undertones — which determine your color palette — never change.

The good thing is that all the colors in your palette will compliment each other.

So, if you know your color palette, you can pretty much match any of your clothing and accessories together.

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