This Color Changing SUV Will Blow Your Mind

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Sit down and buckle up because you are in for one wild ride…

If you don’t remember, we told you all about the Eleven Passenger Kia, the Electric Ford Truck and even the Hot Pink Jeep. If you liked any of these, I think you are going to love this…


BMW has a new Flow electric SUV concept and get this – it CHANGES COLORS.


No, it’s not just your eyes deceiving you or one of those jedi mind tricks. It ACTUALLY changes colors.

The car and the wheels can both change colors!!


What Is The Color Changing SUV Called?

The color changing SUV is called the BMW iX Flow and it is an electric SUV concept.


How Does The BMW Flow Electric SUV change colors?

The BMW Flow electric SUV can change hues at the press of a button making it easy to change the color of your SUV with your mood for the day.


You should also know that this car is not made with traditional car paint. Instead, it is far more technical that that.

Basically, it is formed by wrapping a sort of e-ink technology that is commonly used in electronic readers. The colored panels are cut precisely to match the shape of the SUV’s body panels and then electric wiring is attached to each section. So, in short, the color changing is all done by negatively charged white pigments and positively charged black pigments. Electric currents bring one pigment or the other to the surface creating the different shades.


Cool, right?

What Colors Does The BMW Flow Electric SUV Change to?

The BMW Flow electric SUV changes hues from white to gray or black and back again with just a press of a button.


When Can You Buy The Color Changing SUV?

As of right now, this Color Changing BMW SUV is just a concept meaning it’s not actually in production yet. We sure hope they do start producing these because they are actually really cool!

You can see the color changing SUV in action in the video below.

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