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This Company Will Plan A Surprise Vacation Tailored Just For You And I’m Totally Doing It

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There is a company that will choose your vacation destination for you — down to the last detail — and I’m about to book my next vacay through them!

I love vacation time, but it’s so hard choosing somewhere to go! There are so many cool places, choosing just one feels kinda like I’m cheating on the others.

And, I always seem to pick the same places — Disney World, The Beach, Gatlinburg. There’s so much more out there, but I never do them because I have FOMO at my favorite spots.

With Pack Up + Go, you don’t have to worry about choosing where you are going, because they do it all for you!

Sound weird? I thought so at first, too. But, check this out.

Before I tell you about them — NO, This ISN’T a sponsored post. I just think it’s a hella cool service that everyone should know about.

What Is Pack Up + Go?

Let us plan your getaway. The catch? Your destination is a surprise.

Pack Up + Go

Pack Up + Go is a company that will literally plan your vacation for you. And, the coolest part? It’s all a surprise until you are headed out the door.

No, they don’t just choose some rando vacation spot. You actually get a say — sort of — in where you go.

The way it works is that you tell them how you want to get to your destination — drive or fly.

You pick the dates that you want to travel and any restrictions you might have

Then, you tell them how many people are going on this vacation with you, and you choose a budget.

Next, you get to complete a Pre-Trip Survey — tell them a little about what you like and don’t like to do.

Some of the vacations they can plan for you are an outdoor adventure, a road trip to somewhere fun, a vacation where you have to travel — by plane or train, or maybe just a staycation.

This idea is so completely cool! It’s like getting a trip for Christmas or a Birthday. I mean, sure, you have to pay for it, but there is something thrilling about a little mystery — being surprised with where and what you are doing.

YOU GUYS… I booked a Pack Up + Go vacation back in November as [my husband’s] Christmas present. And finally, it’s here! This Thursday we leave on a mystery vacation to an unknown destination for four kid-free days enjoying life as a couple. We are beyond excited! But also, it’s SO hard not to open our envelope that came in the mail yesterday! 🤪

How it Works:You pick the dates, your budget, whether you fly or drive, and give some preferences on what you do and don’t like to do. Then they plan the rest, and you’re not supposed to open your itinerary until the day you leave for the airport. We did this in 2016 and it was amazing!

Rachel E. Mawhirter

I’m so about to sign up for this service!! I can’t wait to see where they send my family!

You can book your Pack Up + Go vacation directly at their website.

If you decide to go for it, we want to know where they send you!

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