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Jack Is Back In This New Concept Trailer For ‘Titanic 2’ and I Can’t Contain My Excitement

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Jack is back!

Kind of.

Okay. Not really at all.

But, this new concept trailer begs the question, “What if?”


Titanic would be an entirely different movie if Jack Dawson were to have made it out of the frigid waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and washed up on an island somewhere safe and sound.


I mean, we would have an entire Titanic sequel to contend with — an entirely different ending to the story.

And, millions of people would be flocking back to the theaters to see what happened to Jack and Rose.

My butt would be right there in the theater, hanging on every word!!

Didn’t he drown on Titanic? Of course, that is what we all thought — until NOW.

Titanic Concept Trailer

Y’all. How freaking cool would this be?!?


Half of me wants Rose’s heart to stay at the bottom of the Atlantic with the rest of the Titanic victims. It was such a sweet ending to an epic story.

If you didn’t sob uncontrollably when she walked up the stairs of the Titanic to take Jack’s hand at the end, you’re dead inside.

But, the other half of me wants Jack to have made it. To have him grow old with Rose. For the couple to have babies together, and live a life of happiness.


It’s such a sweet idea.


You can see the entire concept trailer for Titanic 2 HERE.


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