Confession: I Cry When I’m Angry, And It’s As Annoying As It Sounds

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I stood in front of the bank teller waiting for them to explain how it would take ten days to return $300 that they freely admitted was an error on their part and then I was crying. Red, hot, embarrassing tears. Snot. The whole nine yards. My heart was pounding, my face probably very red, and me looking like one of those babies who gets super #hangry. I cry when I’m angry. Every single time. And it’s the most embarrassing thing that happens in my adult life.


Crying when I’m angry is probably the most frustrating thing about being an adult. I’ve done it my whole life, but it’s so much more frustrating when I’m trying to deal with adult issues but have very real tears streaming down my face.

It’s so much harder for people to take me seriously when there’s a snot bubble coming out of my nose as I’m telling them how disappointed I am in them.

I remember this one time when it happened after the person who came out to clean my carpets did the worst job humanly possible. His supervisor came out to view the wreckage and said it looked fine to him. Tears. Instant tears. “It’s not fine,” I said, sniffing back as much of the tidal wave as I could. “He didn’t even touch two of the rooms I paid to have cleaned.”

When you cry when you’re angry, people tend to feel they can get away with more. Or at least that’s what it feels like. When I go to the mechanic there’s a chance they’ll find fourteen more things wrong with my car after the tears start than they found before.

If I try to even disagree with a friend or family member, I’m immediately accused of being dramatic.

There are so many times in my adult life when I find myself frustrated or angry because things just aren’t going great, and every single time the water works start.

How do you stop that? Is there anyone who has found a way to stop being #Crangry? Truly, if you know a way, I could use the help…I’d starting to get fairly dehydrated.

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  1. I stumbled upon this post, trying to find out the cure for the same!
    What I find a little satisfying is that there are so many of us and the same situation.
    I will definitely try to use that pinch trick.
    Also, I think meditation is the ultimate solution.

  2. Hahaha @crangry at the bank!!! Metooooo! So I learned a trick is to pinch yourself, preferably between your thumb and forefinger. The pain temporarily scrambles the wacky signals our #crangry brains can’t interpret anyway … And WHY ISN’T THERE A DAMN ANGRY CRYING EMOJI?!!!

  3. Exactly the same… and I’m judged every time it happens.

    Obviously I don’t want to cry

    I really don’t want to cry

    But it’s as if I have a choice

    My tears just start flowing when I’m mad….

    I get choked up immediately when I attempt to get confrontational and argue with someone

    I just can’t control my tears

    And it’s so hard to explain to people why I cry

    People think I’m a baby

    They think I’m a wuss

    they think I’m overacting

    But If you have a condition like this, we can only understand each other

    And I pray that someone close to you will understand your condition and will be able to provide you a source of comfort and joy in this time of need

  4. ugh. I know what you mean!! I’m also curious how the heck to prevent this.

  5. It’s so good to hear from someone else who has this affliction! I’ve burst into angry tears more than once in my adult life and have inevitably been told, “Oh, don’t be upset! We (I, They….whomever) didn’t mean to make you sad/upset/defensive…

    And I snap back, “I’m NOT (insert inaccurate descriptive term here). I’m angry! I’m PISSED OFF!”I

    The worst part is that I get the feeling the people I’m angry at are dismissive of my righteous anger because I’m crying like a child and being (in their eyes) “Immature.” But when I’m riled up, the tears flow. I can’t seem to get it under control, and frankly, I’d rather spend my energy making my point than trying to stop the tears.