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Converse Released Iridescent Sequin Covered Sneakers and I’m In Love

So, I am super old school and have been wearing Converse forever! Back then there wasn’t anything fancy about them. Pretty much everyone had a pair of white or black Converse high tops.

The classic style of Converse Chuck Taylors is still popular after all of these years. They have a rainbow of colors available as well as many designs!

People are even pairing them with their wedding attire! I mean I can’t walk in fancy shoes, so I am all about this!

They even have a line of Converse designed for weddings!

Well, Converse has stepped it up again and you have to see this!


The Converse Chuck Taylor Hi silver mini sequin sparkle sneakers just came out and they are AMAZING!


I have 2 daughters preparing for prom, and I secretly hope one of them wants to wear these! Comfort and style! Last year they kicked their shoes off as soon as they got in because the high heel shoes were not made for comfort.

This isn’t the first sequin Converse shoes to come out, but they are the BEST ones yet! The sequins are super tiny and iridescent and so so sparkly!


They’ll run you around $70, but totally worth it! Even the fanciest of the princesses couldn’t pass these up!

Image: Converse

You can get your Converse Iridescent Sequin Sneakers Here.


Just look at the way they capture the light! It’s magical! I am seriously loving how the colors reflect!

Image: Converse

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