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This Corgi Flew To Lake Tahoe To Play In The Snow And It’s Cuteness Overload

Get ready for cuteness overload of the Corgi kind!

This Corgi flew all the way across the country just to play in the snow, and her trip has gone viral.

And, for good reason! She is adorable!

Bryan Reisberg’s Corgi, Maxine, loves to play in the snow — I mean, don’t we all?!?

But, it has been a somewhat mild winter at her home in New York.

Poor Maxine hasn’t had much of a chance to play in the snow this year.

So, what did her human do?

 He grabbed Maxine, hopped on a plane, and flew all the way to Lake Tahoe where the snow is plentiful.

There’s been no snow in NYC and Maxine got sick of waiting…


Bryan has a custom-made backpack that he uses to tote around the precious pup, so he loaded her up, and off they went in search of the snow.

Spoiler Alert: They found the snow. LOL!!

It looks like they had the BEST time ever, and lucky Maxine finally got to play in her snow.

Thanks to Bryan for sharing the trip on Instagram. It made my day!!

You can see all of Maxine’s trip to Lake Tahoe HERE.