Costco Is Selling A Box of Flammin’ Hot Favorites And My Mouth Is On Fire

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Costco is bringing the heat! No, it’s LITERALLY bringing the heat. It has a giant box — I’m talking THIRTY bags — of Flamin’ Hot Favorites!

If you didn’t munch on these spicy, crunchy snacks as a kid while enjoying a nice cold bottle of Mountain Dew you were doing it all wrong…

How do you improve upon a chip? You pack it with tons of neon red heat!

This box of HOT snacks found at Costco contains 8 bags of Flammin’ Hot Cheetos, 7 bags of Flammin’ Hot Chester’s Fries, 6 bags of Flammin’ Hot Funyans, 5 bags of Flammin’ Hot Munchie Snack Mixes, and 4 bags of Flammin’ Hot Cheetos Limon Flavor.

And, the BEST part? It is only $9.99. WHAT?!? That’s insane!

You could pack one in your kid’s lunch every day for SIX weeks! They would NEVER last that long in my house. The hubby would sneak five a day, and I’d be left wondering what happened to my box of Flammin’ Hot goodies!

Would the heat deter him? No way! That’s what makes them oh-so-much better!

I foresee neon red fingerprints all over the clothes in my laundry! I’m going to have to get these snack finger covers to help keep my world clean.

Thank you, Costco, for always being SO amazing, and giving me the products that I know will be a hit at my house — in giant sizes!

You know what else I’ve already picked up at Costco? These Wine and Beer Advent Calendars. Merry Christmas to me!

You know what else they have? This freaking amazing Pumpkin Pie Dessert Spread. You’re welcome.

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