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Costco Has Heart-Shaped Raviolis For A Dinner That is Love At First Bite

Love is in the air!

I was HOPING this day would come, and it is definitely here, thank you, Costco!

You can get heart-shaped Italian Four Cheese Ravioli from Costco, and it makes the BEST Valentine’s dinner date meal EVER!

How CUTE are the little hearts?!? Costco really knows how to do it right, and they do NOT disappoint with these.

I totally LOVE a good cheese ravioli with a spicy arrabiata sauce. SO YUMMY!

These creamy heart ravioli include ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan, and aged Asiago cheeses. Totally Italian vibe, right?!? My favorite!

One package of these — which, you know, at Costco is actually TWO packages — will cost you less than ten bucks.

HELLO, Valentine’s Date Night!

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Okay, now who is going to make these for me?

For the PERFECT at home Valentine’s Date Night, grab one of these M&M Popcorn Buckets, throw a RomCom on the Netflix

And this Oreo Dunk Set For Two! How cute is that?!?