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Costco Has An Exclusive Hello Kitty Squishmallow Collection And I Need Them All!

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My inner child is screaming right now, Hello Kitty is totally still my girl even if I am middle aged…


Combine Hello Kitty with Squishmallow and that makes things even cooler right?

Well, Costco has the newest collection and it’s an exclusive!

I can pretty much guarantee you that I know more grown women who will be getting these for themselves more than they will be getting them for children.

Each Hello Kitty Squishmallow measures 20″ and is filled with a marshmallow-like filling that makes them so soft to squeeze.


They are all designed with a fun Hello Kitty summer theme, including a mermaid, how fun is that?

Remember these are a Costco exclusive and could sell out pretty quickly.

At this time they are only available online, but hopefully, we will see them in stores as well.

Each one sells for only $27.99 and that does include shipping! I need them all you guys!


If you check the website and they are low or out of stock, keep checking, and maybe more will be available soon!

Head over to Costco.com as fast as you can so that you can get the new Squishmallows Hello Kitty Collection exclusive to Costco while they last!


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