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You Can Plant Flowers That Look Like Cotton Candy And I Have To Have Them

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I am so sad. Most (if not all) state fairs and fall festivals have been cancelled this year. That means I don’t get my FAVORITE fall treat — COTTON CANDY!

I can totally make it at home, but there is just something about seeing a sea of puffy pink cotton candy walking around a state fair or fall festival that screams IT’S FALL!!

We just might have found the next best thing. It may not TASTE like cotton candy (in fact, don’t eat it), but it sure looks like a sea of that pretty pink fluffy stuff!

Courtesy of Amazon

Check out this flower that totally looks JUST LIKE that spun candy floss!

It is called the Prairie Smoke Flower, and I don’t know that I’ve seen a prettier, more delicate flower. Gah! I love it!


It almost looks like something straight out of a Dr. Seuss book, does it not? It’s so cool.


This Prairie Smoke Flower can be found growing wild on the prairies of the United States.


This variety of wildflower is pretty easy to grow, as far as flowers go. It is tolerant of most soil types, even clay or sand!

Courtesy of Amazon

You are going to want to plant this flower somewhere where it can drain, have direct sunlight, and maybe just a little shade thrown in for fun.


The Prairie Smoke Flower can withstand drought conditions — so it is GREAT for people like me, that might forget to water it. 


You can get these uniquely beautiful flower seeds right on the Amazon website. They run about $15 per bag of seeds, and I need them in my life!

Courtesy of Amazon

If you are Team Cotton Candy, like ME, you have got to check out this Cotton Candy Frappuccino off the Starbucks Secret Menu!! It is so good.


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