Cotton Candy Oreos Are Returning and The Kid In Me Is Freaking Out

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You know it’s summer when you see the big white tents at the state fair.

To celebrate the start of the summer season, Oreo’s latest flavor return tastes exactly like the fluffy snack that melts in your mouth and is light as air.

Thanks to Oreo, the sandwich cookie brand has stuffed what you typically might find at the state fair, and has turned the sticky treat into a cookie with a crunch.

Although this isn’t something new Oreo has just created, but rather this returning flavor has been missing from shelves for nearly a decade and has finally made it’s way back to the snack aisle.

Courtesy of @OREOUnitedStates

What’s dubbed the Cotton Candy Oreos, this pack of cookies features cotton candy flavored creme stuffed inside two golden Oreo halves.

Courtesy of @geekvsfan

After outcries on social media that were asking to bring the flavor back, it’s about time the fan-favorite flavor was sold in stores once again.

So thank you Oreo, for finally listening.

Courtesy of Oreo

Featuring a creme that looks similar in color to the fluff of a cotton candy stick, the inside of this Oreo cookie is split in two with one half that’s colored pink while the other is blue.

Therefore, can we assume that the Oreo cookies will taste like blueberry and strawberry?

Courtesy of @junkfoodonthego

You can find the cotton candy flavored Oreos once again stocked on store shelves as soon as next week on Monday, June 5.

Just look for the bright yellow pack with the cotton candy stick on the front, and you’ll know you’ve found the right one!

Courtesy of @candyhunting

While this carnival inspired cookie is a limited-edition flavor only, we’re hoping this edition stays around until at least fall.

And if anyone needs me, I’ll be in the snack aisle on Monday.

Courtesy of @junkpickers

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