What Covid Precautions Did The Super Bowl Take?

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As I sit here watching The Super Bowl (ya know, for the commercials), I can’t help but wonder…

What Covid Precautions Did The Super Bowl Take?

I mean, as you watch, a lot of people are wearing masks like the coaches and other people near the benches.

But then The Weeknd performed and nobody was wearing masks (except the people covered in face bandages).

So, what exactly is happening here? Are we just goign to see a massive spike in cases after Super Bowl?

Well, apparently there was a ton of precautions taken leading up to this big day. Here are a few of the key highlights…

For starters, Super Bowl tickets were sold in groups of two to six people so they can sit together in “pods.”

Jonathan Barker, the NFL’s head of live event production, said the pods weren’t placed too close to each other, and they max out at 10 people per pod.

The stadium also went vigorous cleaning leading up to the Super Bowl.

By kickoff, the NFL estimated, it will have gone through roughly 200,000 health screenings for individuals working at the event, including staff. 

To limit contact, the NFL partnered with Visa to offer cashless transactions with reverse ATMs and said concourses will flow in two different directions.

Masks or other face coverings were required at the stadium. The NFL says the coverings must be worn at all times unless you’re actively eating or drinking.

In addition, hand sanitizer stations were placed all around the stadium.

So, honestly, it sounds like they had every precaution in place that they could.

Let’s just hope that everyone stayed safe and went home without getting sick.

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