Creme Savers Are Back After Nearly A Decade and I Cannot Contain My Excitement

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Creme Savers were the iconic hard, swirled candy many grew up with who couldn’t resist stealing more than a few out of some candy dish at a random doctor’s office or one or two from grandma and grandpa’s secret stash.

Courtesy of Iconic Candy

Well cue the nostalgia, because the sweet tasting sweet treat in a 3 ounce bag is making a comeback!

Courtesy of Iconic Candy

After a decade away but never forgotten, the hard candies many tried to chew are returning with the same two original flavors.

Courtesy of Iconic Candy

The pink and white swirled candy alongside the orange and white swirled jawbreaker are returning to the states nationwide according to a recent press release!

Courtesy of @markie_devo

Dubbed the two most popular flavors, Strawberries & Creme and Orange & Creme, the colorful candy bags were brought back by years of requests from countless fans who missed the candy they grew up with.

Courtesy of @minervacullen

Courtesy of Mars Wrigley and Iconic Candy, the two companies partnered together to bring the famous candy back to stores!

Creme Savers will be stocked at stores nationwide in mid-September, available at Big Lots locations and most likely stuffed back into a glass candy jar sitting on the kitchen countertop.

Courtesy of @all.things.1990s

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