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You Can Crochet Horror Movie Bouquets That Never Die and I’ll Take Two

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Fresh bouquets of flowers are cool and all, but they die eventually.

Halloween is right around the corner and what could be cooler than a crocheted bouquet of your favorite horror movie characters?

FantasyFloralCrochet – Etsy

That’s the thing about horror movies, evil never seems to die easily and these crocheted bouquets will stick around forever!

FantasyFloralCrochet – Etsy

Year after year you can put the psychos, demons, and monsters out for display along with your other spooky Halloween home decor.

FantasyFloralCrochet – Etsy

The spooktastic bouquet also makes the perfect gift for any horror fan or a great home decor piece for anyone with a keen interest in horror!

Great item to decorate on Halloween, very original and very well explained the pattern.

Marian Fernández – Etsy customer review
FantasyFloralCrochet – Etsy

Once you buy the patterns you can make them for yourself, to give as gifts, or you could even make them and sell the finished product to people like me that can’t crochet!

There are two versions available and each digitally downloaded pattern has a ton of different characters so there is literally something for every horror fan!

jill dee – Etsy customer review

Both patterns in the series have great reviews and there are a ton of images posted where people have made them for themselves.

You can purchase both series 1 and 2 patterns here and here from FantasyFloralCrochet on Etsy!

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