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These Crochet Succulents Are Perfect For The Person Who Kills All Their Plants

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You can crochet your own succulent plants, and I call the little lucky bamboo plant!


Hi, my name is Amanda, and I kill every plant I’ve ever tried to grow. (The first step is admitting you have a problem, right?)

My BIGGEST plant fail came when I (think I) overwatered my succulent plants (all 5 of them), and they all deflated and died.

That is why these crochet succulents are PERFECT!! Aren’t they just the most adorable things ever?!?


They fulfill my love for the gorgeous greenery, but even I, MYSELF, can’t kill these quirky plants!!


They are amigurumi-style stuffed plant plushies, and I think I might love them a little too much.


And the best part? These crochet patterns are so simple to follow that even a beginner (like ME) can crochet them!

Always remember that nothing is hard, only new. There is no right way or wrong way to crochet. Whatever works for you, your body, and your ability is the right way.


There are 12 different plants that you can learn to crochet when you purchase these patterns.

Patterns for:
Succulent Echeveria
Sansevieria (Snake Plant)
Lucky Bamboo
Aloe Vera
Palm Tree
Venus Fly Trap
Succulent Sedum
Bonsai Tree
3X Hanging Plants


Each pattern uses worsted weight yarn — and of course, you can choose your own colors!! Want a pink succulent? Go for it!!

Crochet patterns function as guidelines only, and I encourage you to bring your own artistic flair to each pattern. Do not be afraid to use different hooks or types of yarn. Experiment by changing the colors. Add accessories, modify the body shape, and bring your own individual spice to each pattern. 


Now, it is important to note that you aren’t actually buying one of these completed adorable plants. What you are purchasing is an ebook with the PATTERNS for these 12 crocheted potted plants.

-After purchasing, you will be taken to the Etsy download page, and your file will also be sent via email.


If you want to get your OWN KnotMonsters Amigurumi Crochet Plant Patterns, you can get them on the KnotMonster shop on Etsy.

The entire ebook will only cost you $5.99, and the patterns are simple and easy to follow.


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