I have the cutest kid ever.

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So, I needed pictures for the grandparents this year. It’s my Christmas gift every year– smart and practical, right? I have this friend on Facebook, and she kept posting killer pictures she’s been taking– and I fell in love. So I asked Brandy from Loudmouth Photography to do the photos this year. I am going to share a few of my faces and just let her work speak for itself. Oh, and by the way– her prices were AMAZING, and I get to keep all the images!

I love this picture so much

Love This Kid!

Halle Rockin' It!
She loves you!

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  1. Those are sweet! I may have to look her up. Is she local? Where did you take the pics?

    1. @jason, She took them over in Corinth. And seriously… look her up. Like, I didn’t get paid to write this post or anything. She’s freakin’ AWESOME. I got so many pics. It was INSANE!

  2. I always like to see what outfit Halle is rocking at school. Such style. 😉