This Dad Was Asked To Buy His Daughter Maxi Pads With Wings And He Understood The Assignment In The Funniest Way Possible

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This story just made my entire day!

There is a dad on TikTok who was called into action to help his daughter who had just started her period at school.

K.oThaBarber, as he is known on TikTok, got a text from the girl’s mom asking if he could run to the store to get her the needed supplies for that girly time of the month.

As all good dads do, he sprung into action. His girl needed his help, and he was going to step up to help!

Now, dudes don’t always know what exactly to get, AMIRITE?

But, the mom set him a text telling him exactly what to get: Always Maxi Pads With Wings.

She said, “Get her some Always Pads with some wings.”


Simple enough, right?

I mean, any lady who has been through it knows exactly what that is.

But, dads — not so much.

He messed up, but he messed up in the cutest way possible!

And, I must say — I wish my husband would mess up this way once in a while. LOL!

What K.oThaBarber actually understood the text to say was that his daughter needed Always Maxi Pads. And, she also needed wings — as in hot wings.

Bahahahaha! I’m dying.

He wins the award for the best mess up ever!

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