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This Daddy-To-Be Can’t Handle Watching His Wife Give Birth And It’s Hilarious

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This soon-to-be father was all up in his feels as his wife was giving birth.

Yeah, not THOSE kind of feels.

This dude couldn’t quit gagging while his wife was literally pushing life out of her vajayjay.

I wanna say it’s hilarious, but it’s actually kind of — pathetic. LOL!

This momma was working so hard to push that baby out of her vag, but daddy couldn’t freaking get a grip and handle it. Ha!

The TikTok clip shows Danielle Foord’s husband holding on to her hand, and helping push back her leg like a good birthing partner.

But, dude couldn’t hold it together. He was just gagging and gagging and gagging.

Not my husband gagging as I’m pushing out our daughter … Then sits down at the end as if he needs a break.

Danielle Foord on TikTok

He’s a trooper for hanging in there.

But, the way he sat down at the end, like he was the one that just did the heavy lifting. LOL!!

You can watch the entire clip of the gagging daddy-to-be HERE.

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