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This Dad’s Hilarious Trick To Getting His Son To Smile In Photos Is Epic

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Every parent has been on the back side of a camera, trying their best to get their kids to smile.

I’m not talking about that fake, stiff smile that people always flash when you tell them to “Smile.”

I mean a real, genuine smile that you can see light up in their eyes.

We tend to yell out, “Say cheese!”

And, then they grit their teeth and squinch up their cheeks in — what is supposed to be — a smile.

But, let’s be honest. It looks a little more like they got stung by a bee.

Adam Perry recently took to the Twitterverse to show exactly how he solicits a genuine smile out of his young son, and I can’t believe I haven’t thought of this before!

He shared side by side photos, and you can totally tell which picture is the REAL smile.

On the left, he simply told his son to “Smile!”

But, the picture on the left shows the moment he yelled out, “POOP!!”

My son when I tell him to smile vs when I yell out ‘poop!

Adam Perry on Twitter

Of course, every little kid thinks bodily functions are hilarious, so they will laugh every single time.

There is a striking difference between the photo on the left and the photo on the right.

While the kid is totally adorable in both pictures, it is easy to see he is genuinely laughing in the second picture.

We always take pictures on the first day [of school] and we were in a bit of a hurry and having a hard time getting good pictures.

Adam Perry

My son always has the funniest smile when he’s trying too hard. I learned at some point that if I just yelled out ‘POOP’ and snapped the picture quick, it always worked out way better. In this case, it was a pretty dramatic comparison, so I thought I’d share it.

Adam Perry

Try yelling “POOP!” next time you are trying to get your kid to smile for photos. I bet you it works!

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