Daytime Autumn Makeup Tutorial

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Can we just talk for a minute about how fall is the best time of the year? I’m sorry beach babes, but when you live in Florida year round like I do, you look forward to a break from the sweltering heat. To give you an example; it’s still 90 degrees daily here! There is no emoji that looks disgusted enough to convey my displeasure about this. Not even the poop one.

I cant even wear my cute scarves! My one consolation, is that I have been ALL ABOUT that smoky eye life. If spring and summer are about colorful lips and winged liner, then the fall and winter months mean smoky, sexy, smudged eye makeup.  My favorite one is this sultry daytime autumn makeup tutorial.

Daytime Fall Pinterest

Today we’re going to do a daytime appropriate slightly smoky eye makeup. I love to wear this because it’s got a bit of color without being to over the top. It’s sexy without being “Damn girl it’s 10 am what are you doing?”. Does that make sense? Don’t worry, it will.

How To Do This Daytime Autumn Makeup Tutorial

You should always begin any eye makeup by using an eyeshadow primer from your eyelid all the way to your eye brow. The primer will help your makeup last all day in addition to making your eyeshadows more vibrant.

Wait for that to set, and then apply a thin layer of setting powder or an eyeshadow that matches your skin tone over the primer. This is an important step because it will help your eyeshadows blend out more easily. Think of it like spraying cooking spray on a pan.

daytime autumn makeup tutorial

  1. First, take a terracotta shade and apply it into your crease and slightly above your crease. I used Sienna by Anastasia Beverly Hills. Take a blending brush and gently blend it out. You will want to tilt your head back and look down at yourself in the mirror. This will pull your eyelid taut and create a smoother more seamless blend.
  2. Next, take a burgundy eyeshadow and apply that in the same area you applied your orange only slightly within the area your just laid down. I used Red Earth from Anastasia Beverly Hills. You also want to apply this into the outer third of your eye lid. Take your blending brush and blend away, girl. You want to make sure you’re blending in small circles with light pressure on the skin. Think butterfly kisses from the worlds sweetest child gentle. You don’t want to over blend this and make your orange and burgundy turn into a muddy mess.
  3. Then we’re adding a champagne pink with a slight sheen to the lid. I used Booty Call from Urban Decay (The Naked 2 palette). I use my finger to apply this, using a tapping motion. Start in the center of your lid, and then, as there is less product on your finger, blend it out on either side. You could also add this to your inner corner and brow bone as a highlight if you prefer.
  4. Take a matte black shadow (I know, black shadow is intimidating but trust me!) on a pencil brush and add it to your outer V. I used Blackout from Urban Decay. Blend that shit. It should just slightly deepen your outer corner.
  5. Use a black pencil to line the outer third of your lower lash line. Using a pencil brush with the same orange shadow we started with, blend out the black and smoke it out a bit. Line the outer half of your upper lash line with black liquid or gel liner. I used Ink Liner by Kat Von D in Trooper.
  6. Work some eyelash magic with the mascara of your choice and you’re golden!

Fall Makeup Close up


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burgundy and turquoise eye

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