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This Life-Size Deadpool Talking Head Has Over 600 Sound Effects So You’ll Never Be Bored Again

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What is Marvel’s Deadpool known best for? Hmmm, probably talking nonstop right? He’s a smart ass that likes the “f -word” and we love that about him! So what better thing for a super fan to have than a collectible Deadpool interactive talking head!


Hasbro has a toy line called Marvel Legends and decided that Deadpool fans needed a collectible that truly represented the character perfectly. It is a replica of Wads Wilson’s head and it is actually life-size!


I want to let you know this is for adult fans because I mean…Deadpool isn’t exactly known for his PG talk. This toy is most definitely R rated for adults only.


The Deadpool interactive talking head has over 600 sound effects and phrases combined. The built-in sensors also let the Deadpool head have movement and expression.


It is also app-enhanced so you can have Deadpool be your partner in pranking your friends or even have your back by throwing down some insults when needed.


It’s crazy, but the voice isn’t actually Ryan Reynolds, but it really does sound similar. I mean, I totally thought it was him until I did some reading and learned that it wasn’t. Maybe I should get one so I can pretend to have a best friend…


You can pre-order the Marvel Legends Deadpool’s Premium Interactive Head right now and it will be available this fall. It’s actually much cheaper than I thought it would be, only $99 for a new friend? Count me in! Watch the video below to see how it works and I bet you’ll want one too!

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