If You Deal With Anxiety, You May Not Want To Watch This New Netflix Film

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I am all for the Netflix Top Ten. I love to see what’s trending and new on the horizon. But sometimes, I’m not fully prepared for what I’m about to watch…

Sitting in the #2 spot right now is ‘Awake’. As soon as I saw Gina Rodriguez as the main actress, I was sold. Then I saw it was a sort of apocalyptic film, and I’m always game for those.


But what I didn’t expect was PURE ANXIETY. If you watched Bird Box when it came out and got anxious from it, this is not the show for you. There is so much killing, and near death experiences, and just brutal brutal scenes.


I think this was a great movie in the sense that I was on the edge of my seat, anticipating every single move. But there were a few inconsistencies that threw me off…not to mention an unsatisfying ending.


If you love end of the world type movies, or just plain thrillers, this is hands down a movie for you to watch. But if you deal with severe anxiety like me…you may want to pass.


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