Did You Know That Parmesan Cheese Isn’t Vegetarian?

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Parmesan cheese isn’t quite made up of what you might think.

New information about the popular cheese has surfaced and apparently, what makes parmesan cheese isn’t suitable for vegetarians.

And if you are vegetarian and have been eating parmesan cheese with your meals, unfortunately you’ve been consuming a meat product.

Parmigiano Reggiano is made up of three ingredients including milk, salt, and rennet.

However the rennet, is what introduces the problem for vegetarians.

Rennet, comes from a baby cow’s stomach and is dried and cut into cubes after it’s removed from the calf; it’s then added into the cheese mixture.

The rennet is what’s added to the milk to help coagulate and form curds.

So if you’re a vegetarian and your favorite dinnertime dish is spaghetti buried under marinara sauce and topped with parmesan cheese, it may be time to find a new go-to for your evenings.

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