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They Use Pickles Instead Of Bread! It’s a Low-Carb Dream.

Have you ever thought about using a pickle in this way?

Photo Credit: @susansandwiches via Twitter

Elsie’s restaurant, in New Jersey, claims to be the first to make this as an original sandwich. They can make any of the sandwiches on their menu with a pickle wrapping instead of bread.

You are looking at that correctly. That is a giant pickle used in place of the bread for a delicious looking sandwich.

I can hardly stand the amount of yumminess in that picture.

If you don’t live in the New Jersey area (and, I totally wish I did, because that sandwich looks amazing) this flavorful sandwich can be recreated at home.

You can follow a recipe if you’d like, but basically you just substitute your bread with a large pickle, cut in half, with the insides scooped out.

It’s even more delicious with thinly sliced dill pickles inside. You might think this is overdoing the pickle, but it gives the sandwich another layer of texture and flavor.

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Bye bye carbs! Hello deliciousness!

This is one sandwich I don’t have to have any guilt over devouring. In fact, since I’m not wasting calories on bread, throw some bacon on mine!

Yum! I can die happy in my delicious pickle heaven now.

Dill pickles are all the rage at the moment.

Whether it’s as a sandwich topping, fried, a snow cone flavor, pickle juice, pickle ice cream, or a pickle potato chip, people LOVE the dill pickle.

Photo Credit: Lucky Pickle Dumpling,Co via Instagram

It’s not surprising that this tangy treat is so popular. At less than 5 calories (unless you fry it), it’s great for any diet.

The juice of a dill pickle is also known to cure muscle cramps after a workout.

Photo Credit: The Best Maid Company

How do you partake of the dill pickle?