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Dino-Bites Snack Packs + A Free Printable

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Sometimes as a parent, it’s easy to feel stretched thin. Everyone always wants something and at the very last minute you find out that you’re supposed to bring the snacks for movie day at preschool tomorrow. Ahhh. Not that I’ve been there. Really. *eye twitch* Well, folks, help is on the way! These Dino-Bites Snack Packs + A Free Printable are super adorable, super easy, and perfect for next time you’ve got to be snack mom on the fly. Best part? You don’t have to really do anything! Just print the printable, add the gummies to the snack bags and Voila! Duties complete.

Dino Bites Snack Packs

Dino-Bites Snack Packs + a Free Printable!!

This is how easy this is: just click here to download the printable below, add a few gummy dinosaurs to a snack bag and Voila! Snack mom duties accomplished.

dino bites snack packs

I mean, seriously? How cute are these? Imagine how excited all those kids are going to be to open up their own Dino-Bites Snack Pack. And if you’re not snack mom? No worries! These are great for parties, rewards, movies (at home, of course), or any time your little one has their dinosaur loving friends over.

dino bites snack packs

This printable is seriously adorable and I plan on using it for years to come. It’s going to be great for field trips to the museum, or for times where my child’s class is learning about dinosaurs. Really, it’s just an amazingly cute printable to have around for any snacking occasion. Enjoy!

Looking for more serious Dinosaur fun? Check out this Jurassic World Amber Fossil Slime. It’s ooey, gooey fun that will give your child hours of imaginative play! Have fun!

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