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You Can Get Dippin’ Dots Coffee, And Your Cup Of Joe Just Got A Little Sweeter

Seriously, one of the most fun and tasty ways to eat ice creams is the Dippin’ Dots.

It’s a must-have when we go to the waterpark or the zoo. I already know, before we get out of the car, that my kids are going to beg for those little dots of ice cream.

They even have Dippin’ Dots vending machines. You get to choose your flavor, and have a pouch of the popular ice cream treat delivered to your hands like magic.

Now, you can get Dippin’ Dots Coffee, and my day just got a whole lot better!

This coffee combines two of the best things on earth: Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream and Coffee.

AN UNEXPECTED DUO… Nothing says fun quite like everyone’s favorite refreshing and colorful summer treat: Dippin’ Dots®! For the first time ever, we combined America’s two favorite loves into one very cool product!

Coffee Over Cardio

No, there’s not ACTUAL Dippin’ Dots in the coffee. It is FLAVORED like everyone’s favorite pellet ice cream treat.

Coffee Over Cardio

This coffee, made from “high-grade Arabica coffee is grown on the side of the mountains in Costa Rica.”

You can totally taste the difference between this tasty coffee and that cheap crap you get at the grocery store.

This coffee flavor stands out because we add a premium flavor profile to the beans when roasting to perfection. 

Coffee Over Cardio

You can buy this Dippin’ Dots Coffee by the bag, or you can decide to join the Coffee Over Cardio club, and get the coffee at a 10% discount.

Every little bit helps, right?

Coffee Over Cardio

Right now, you can get this coffee in an Ultimate Brownie Batter flavor, but soon it will be available in a Cookies ‘N Cream flavor.


This Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream Runs $18.99 a bag — unless you are part of the Coffee Over Cardio club — in which case it’s $17.09 a bag.

You can get your own Ultimate Brownie Batter Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream Coffee on the Coffee Over Cardio website.

Coffee Over Cardio