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Disney Released A Boozy Dole Whip Complete With Coconut Rum and Pop Rock Candy

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The best thing about Disney is that they are always innovating new food items.

If you ever want to try unique foods or beverages, head on over to Disney.

Speaking of which, one of their famous sweet treats is the popular Dole Whip and I have yet to try it, but trust me, I’ll get there.

They are currently selling a Firecracker Dole Whip Float and it’s everything you could ever imagine it to be.


The “firecracker” title, comes from the popping candy that’s sprinkled on the top of the ice cream that also includes coconut rum, tropical juices and of course, the classic pineapple Dole Whip soft serve.

The result, is a bright blue bottom infused with a yellowish cream color top half.


You can get the new soft serve treat at Pineapple Lanai from the Polynesian Village Resort for $13.

Even though the Polynesian Village Resort isn’t fully open quite yet, we can still be excited to try the village’s new boozy Dole Whip flavor, am I right?


I know I’m thinking ahead here, but is anyone else excited for possible Christmas Dole Whip inventions? I’m thinking cinnamon or maybe a candy cane mint flavor!


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