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This Disney Fan Just Hit 2,995 Consecutive Visits To Disneyland And He’s My Hero

I thought I was the biggest Disney fan, but CLEARLY there is someone just a bit more Dis-nerdy than me.

Jeff Reitz just broke the record for the most consecutive visits to a theme park, and it took him 8 stinkin’ years.

Now, THAT’S dedication.

The dude hit up the Happiest Place On Earth nearly 3K times, and I have so many questions.

Like, how do you logistically make that work? What about his job?

My DREAM would be to take my computer, sit at a cafe on Main Street, and write for a living.

That also means 8 years of no vacations. Well, I mean, except that Disneyland really IS a vacation.

How did it all work?

According to the Los Angeles Times, Jeff became unemployed in 2012. As many of us know, looking for a job every single day can be hella discouraging.

At the time, someone gifted him an annual pass to Disneyland to lift his spirits a bit.

Jeff started hitting up the Southern California based theme park on the daily, and soon enough, the visits started really adding up.

Now, he didn’t start off with a plan to break the record.

But, as his visits started hitting the high numbers, he really began to wonder if it were possible.

Things got complicated when he finally landed a job. He would try to work around his work schedule, going early in the mornings, or later in the evenings after work.

Somehow, he made it work. Every single day. He made it work.

Jeff told TMZ that he “never had the same day twice at Disneyland.”

He would find the small details in the park that were often overlooked by everyone — hidden statues, background noises, smells, etc.

He also had a love of photography, which he put to good use — capturing his memories on Instagram and Facebook for all the people following his journey.

Jeff became somewhat of a local celebrity, even amongst the Disney Cast Members. People would stop him wanting pictures and wanting to meet the man who loved Disney so much.

Things got super sticky when the Disney parks shutdown for COVID in 2020.

He had a goal to make it 3,000 times in a row to the theme parks, but had to stop at 2,995.

That’s still an amazing number!