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Disney Reveals ‘Real’ Lightsaber and Star Wars Fans Are Not Satisfied

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The force is not strong with this one…

Disney recently revealed a ‘real’ lightsaber at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, and to my surprise, Star Wars fans are not satisfied with it.

The ‘real’ lightsaber was presented during a presentation led by Disney parks chairman Josh D’Amaro.

Josh D’Amaro is seen holding the device when he turns it on and it makes sounds and even reveals the lightsaber blade right before your very eyes.


“It’s a true ‘wow’ moment for our guests and for me. As you can tell, I love firing this thing up as much as I possibly can,”

Josh D’Amaro

But the reaction wasn’t felt the same by true diehard Star Wars fans.

Instead, they want a real – real working lightsaber or something as close to one as physically possible.


People were commenting on the video saying things like:

Don’t care, StarWars is Dead

And things like:

One thing is for certain, most people agree that the dimensions of the lightsaber seem to be off.

Many people are noting that the grip seems to be too large and the blade seems to be too short for it to be deemed a ‘real’ lightsaber.

Now, if you do happen to be one of the few who are excited about this, you should know, there is no word on whether this will be actual product you can buy.

Many are speculating this would just be a prop that Disney cast members would use within the parks but it wouldn’t be an actual product consumers could buy.


Although, I can only imagine the cost on this one being around $1,000+.

After all, ShopDisney sells a Obi-Wan Kenobi Legacy LIGHTSABER Collectible Set (above) for $249.99.


Only time will tell but what do you think? Does this satisfy your need for a ‘real’ lightsaber or does it fall short?

You can watch the unveiling video below and decide for yourself if you want to own one of these ‘real’ lightsabers.

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