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Disney Theme Parks Are Raising Prices Again. Here’s What You Need to Know. 

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Disney just raised prices — again — and I know I’m not the only one freaking out just a little bit.

I love Disney. I’ve been to both Disneyland and Disney World MANY times. Our family even plans yearly vacations completely around visiting the Disney theme parks.

But, it’s getting so expensive that we can no longer take our nice week-long trips to Disney.

We are lucky if we get in a long weekend, because we simply can’t afford to stay any longer than that.

According to CNN Business, Disney is “pricing out lower-middle-class families.” And, they aren’t wrong.

Let’s just take a look at the Disney price hikes.

Disney Just Raised Prices Again, And Here’s What That Means

Now, it’s important to note that this price increase is for the Anaheim, CA Disneyland theme parks — Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure.

Disney World had their own crazy price hike back in February, and we are still trying to recover from that.

Unfortunately, a trip out to the parks in California just got more expensive, and here’s how.

According to The Points Guy, not only did ticket prices increase, but use of the Genie+ service, AND the price to park your vehicle at the theme parks just went up.

*Cue sad music and the sound of weeping*

How Much Is A 1-Day Ticket To Disneyland And Disney’s California Adventure?

Okay so, the price for tickets into the theme parks fluctuate between basic days and more popular days.

There are actually 7 price points depending on what day you choose.

For example, for the coming holiday months, you’ll pay the maximum Tier 6 pricing of $179 a day to visit one park (that’s right, one park for one day). But if you come back on a weekday in the middle of January when everyone else is back at home and in school, you’ll pay the Tier 0 ticket price of $104.

The Points Guy

Crazy, isn’t it! Supply and demand at its finest.

Basically, the price just increased by $10 per day, depending on which “tier” day you visit the parks.

This may not seem like a lot, but y’all, it adds up quickly!

Single-day, 1-park Disneyland and California Adventure ticket prices
1-Day, 1-Park (Tier 0): $104 (new tier pricing).
1-Day, 1-Park (Tier 1): $114 (previously $104).
1-Day, 1-Park (Tier 2): $129 (previously $119).
1-Day, 1-Park (Tier 3): $144 (previously $134).
1-Day, 1-Park (Tier 4): $159 (previously $149).
1-Day, 1-Park (Tier 5): $169 (previously $159).
1-Day, 1-Park (Tier 6): $179 (previously $164).

The Points Guy

Single-day Park Hopper
1-Day Park Hopper (Tier 0): $169 (new tier).
1-Day Park Hopper (Tier 1): $179 (previously $164).
1-Day Park Hopper (Tier 2): $194 (previously $179).
1-Day Park Hopper (Tier 3): $209 (previously $194).
1-Day Park Hopper (Tier 4): $224 (previously $209).
1-Day Park Hopper (Tier 5): $234 (previously $219).
1-Day Park Hopper (Tier 6): $244 (previously $224).

The Points Guy

How Much Is It To Use The Genie+ Service?

The Genie+ service — which is optional, but totally worth it — is the new “FastPass” system. A service which USED to be complementary — a.k.a FREE.

Up until now, there has been a set price to use the Genie+ service. You paid a flat fee per person per day to use the service.

But NOW, the base price to use Genie+ at Disneyland went from $20 per person up to $25 per person per day.

How Much Is It To Park At The Disneyland Hotels?

But wait, there is another Disneyland price increase — Disneyland Hotel Parking.

You better pray you get to stay in a resort hotel, because parking prices remained steady at $35 per day for those guests.

That is, unless you want PREFERRED parking — which jumped from $45 per day up to $50 per day.

Y’all. If you don’t stay at one of the resorts, the price is $35 for the 1st hour and $10 for each additional hour.

Ouch!! I guess that cuts out dropping by a Disneyland hotel for lunch.

Were There Price Increases At Disney World?

The unfortunate answer is — Yes.

Disney World saw a price hike on the Genie+ service from $15 per person per day to $22, depending on what day you choose to go to the parks.

According to The Points Guy, you can also expect many of the delicious Disney World foods to go up in price.

Food at Disney World was already priced out of control — AMIRITE?!?

And finally, souvenirs. Every kid wants them, every parent cringes at the cost.

Most notably, we’re seeing a cost increase for add-on experiences in Hollywood Studios at Galaxy’s Edge, where handbuilt lightsabers at Savi’s Workshop are now priced at $250, up from $220. And the cost to build a droid at Droid Depot is now $120, up from $99.

The Points Guy

So, let’s say you are a family of 4 going to Disneyland in December for the holiday season.

You want 1-day Park Hopper tickets, the Genie+ service, and you are staying at a resort hotel.

NOT INCLUDING food, any souvenirs you want, and the price for the hotel, you are looking at about $1111 — just for ONE DAY in the parks.

Excuse me while I throw up just a little bit.

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