DIY Dinosaur Garden Markers

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With all of the technological devices we have today kids tend to miss out on opportunities to get in touch with nature. So I think having a garden is a great way to get them outside and in tune with their surroundings. When you add Dinosaur Garden Markers to the mix, you know your kids will want to stomp around in the dirt for hours!

Dinosaur Garden Markers

Supplies Needed to Make Dinosaur Garden Markers:

How to Make Dinosaur Garden Markers:

  1. In order to get the vinyl to adhere to the surface you will need to prepare your dinosaurs by cleaning the surface liberally with the rubbing alcohol using your dish cloth. Allow to dry.dinosaur garden markers inprocess1
  2. Open your Silhouette Studio software and design your text that will be placed onto each dinosaur. I sized my font to the dimensions shown in the image below.dinosaur garden markers text size
  3. Cut your text on your vinyl using your silhouette cutting machine.
  4. Weed our your text using your silhouette weeding tools until you have a clean design like shown below.dinosaur garden markers inprocess2
  5. Apply your transfer tape to your weeded text and apply pressure. Gently peel away ensuring the vinyl sticks to the transfer tape.dinosaur garden markers inprocess3
  6. Apply the vinyl to the area where you cleaned with the rubbing alcohol in step 1. You may need to apply a lot of pressure since the dinosaurs are textured.dinosaur garden markers inprocess4
  7. Slowly pull away the transfer tape and use your finger to smooth down the vinyl in any areas needed.dinosaur garden markers inprocess5
  8. Allow your vinyl to set at least 72 hours before placing the dinosaurs outside.
  9. Place the dinosaurs in your garden as a great way to mark your different plants!

Dinosaur Garden Markers Featured

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  1. Wow, its a great idea for kids.These Dino toys make them happy. I just love reading blogs like this one. And thank you very much for sharing these tips with us.

  2. It’s a a great kid friendly garden. I’m a gardener and my kids also love gardening. I wanna make it for my lovely kid. Thanks for great idea.

  3. Amazing idea! I wanna make dinosaur garden for my kids. Need more info on dinosaur garden, do you have any video content on dinosaur garden? Thanks

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