DIY Wooden Pendant Necklace

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A new piece of fun jewelry for everyday wear is just a hack away with this cool DIY Wooden Pendant Necklace project. At craft stores everywhere in the section where they sell wooden craft supplies, you can find all sorts of small geometric shapes for under a dollar. With this project, you simply paint the shape, use some T-shirt yarn to form a necklace and then pair it with any outfit.

Watch our super short video to see how we made this DIY Wooden Pendant Necklace!

Turn an inexpensive wooden shape from any craft store into a cool DIY Wooden Pendant Necklace!

To get started making your very own DIY Wooden Pendant Necklace you will need:

  • a wooden “buckle” shaped rectangle from the  craft store
  • paint
  • paintbrush
  • scissors
  • t-shirt yarn

Here’s how to make your very own DIY Wooden Pendant Necklace:

1. Start out by painting your wooden shape. We chose a deep sea green.

2. Set the shape aside and let it dry.

3. Using T-shirt yarn, tie a long strand into a loop or the shape of a necklace. Loop one end through the inside of the top of the buckle and secure around the pendant. Continue looping around and around if you want.

You are all set! Pair your necklace with a t-shirt and jeans and have a great day!

Wooden Pendant Collage

wooden necklace

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