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This Dog’s Trip To Home Depot For A Golden Retriever Statue Wins Christmas

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One thing I love about Christmas is all the feel good stories that pop up, and this one has us seeing double.

maryrocc / Home Depot

This golden retriever — Lily — went to Home Depot with her people to pick up some Christmas decorations, and what they found is simply too cute for words.

Home Depot

While perusing the aisles of the hardware store, Lily and her fam stumbled upon the Golden Retriever Christmas Statue that has gone viral on the internet, and it looks just like the adorable pooch!!


Lily’s reaction is priceless — it’s like she can’t believe what it is exactly that she is seeing.


Lily has mixed feelings about her new twin


I’d probably be a bit confused, too, if I ran into a Christmas statue that looked exactly like me.

She’s like it was nice but does it gotta come home with us lol


Lily seems pretty cool with it — until it winds up in the back of her car. Look at that side eye! LOL!!


She’s like, “Wait a minute!”


She doesn’t know quite what to make of the “imposter” dog when it starts barking at her from the trunk of the car. LOL!


The comments on the TikTok video of Lily and her new “friend” are filled with people whose golden retriever pooches had pretty similar reactions.

Brianna Chianca

Now, I just need to find a dachshund Christmas statue to scare the pants off my little fur baby!!

You can see the entire TikTok video with Lily and her new Christmas friend HERE.


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