Disney Has A Dole Whip Float Complete With Pop Rocks And Strawberry Soda

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The I Lava You Dole Whip Float is at Magic Kingdom, and I’m going to need this in my life!

This float is made with ORANGE Swirl Dole Whip Ice Cream — or a mix of STRAWBERRY AND ORANGE. They float it in Strawberry Fanta, and top it with Strawberry and Passion

Fruit syrup. Then — the BEST PART — they sprinkle it with POP ROCKS!!

I am dying right now. This Dole Whip Float is based on the Pixar short film, LAVA, and I totally want one.


I was. legit, just at Disney World, and didn’t know these existed. There was a LONG line at Sunshine Tree Terrace, and now I know why. If only I had known! *Sad Face*


I think I would try the plain Orange — and then I would go back and get the Orange and Strawberry Swirl!


These I Lava You Dole Whip Floats are available at the Sunshine Tree Terrace at the Magic Kingdom.

Don’t be like me, and walk right by. Wait in that line. It moves pretty fast, and you will totally regret it if you don’t!


Until then, enjoy the official video of LAVA from Disney Music/Pixar Films. You’re Welcome!

I love it when the Dole Whip comes out in special flavors! Check out these THREE new designs inspired by some of our FAVORITE Disney Films!

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Courtesy of DoleSunshine.com

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