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Dollar Tree Charcuterie Boards Are The Hot New Trend That Are Totally Affordable

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You can make an awesome charcuterie snack board from The Dollar Tree, and you won’t believe how inexpensive it is!

I am totally in love with all the charcuterie-type boards that have become so popular.

They have come up with everything from Skeleton Charcuterie Boards, to 4th Of July Charcuterie boards, to Valentine’s Charcuterie Boards, Jarcuteries, and even my favorite, the Butter Board.

I’ve tried my hand at recreating some of these boards, and let’s just say that I about had to take out a small loan to finish them.

They weren’t exactly cheap.

BUT, turns out, these charcuterie boards don’t HAVE to be expensive! You just have to know where to go and what to get.

And, what better place to make a charcuterie board on the cheap than The Dollar Tree!

This idea came from JanelleRohner on TikTok, who had the fabulous idea to hit up her local Dollar Tree to make a game-day snack board.

She simply took a trip to The Dollar Tree snack aisle, and went crazy with all the snacks that we know and love.

Janelle used tortilla chips, potato chips, dips, honey roasted peanuts, flavored popcorns, and more.

Get this. Janelle’s Dollar Tree snack board only cost her around $11!

Yes, please. Sign me up!

Check out these ideas for Dollar Tree snack boards.

Dollar Tree Snack Boards

Pick up the basics -- like chips and dips -- and then hit up some of these snacks to take your Dollar Tree Snack Board to the next level.

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