Dollar Tree Is Selling $1 Fall Cups and I Want Them All

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I think I love Dollar Tree a bit too much. I mean, I can spend $20 there and get 20 things, what is there not to love about that?

Well, the other day I was there and I came across these adorable fall cups and guess what? Yup, they were $1! ONE DOLLAR.

These cups are plastic coffee cups and are perfect for cold or warm beverages. They had several designs to choose from too.

I honestly couldn’t decide which design I liked best so I just bought them all. I mean, it was only $3 and honestly, they will get good use. I drink a ton of tea and coffee this time of year.

Aside from getting them for yourself, you could grab these for gifts.

Just get one of these cups and stick a Starbucks or Dunkin’ gift card inside and give to teachers. We know our teachers could use all the coffee/caffeine they can get right now.

Oh and for those wondering, I found these right in the front of the store near the seasonal dishes they have every year so hurry in to get yours!


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