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Dollar Tree is Selling Goli Vitamins and I’m Stocking Up

If you like taking supplements and vitamins, you know that not all of them are created equal. Some are far better in taste and quality than others.

Well, I am about to tell you the motherload of all secrets – Dollar Tree is selling Goli Vitamins and I’m stocking up!!

Goli is a very well known brand and if you know anything about them, they taste great but they can also cost a pretty penny.

That is why I was so dang excited when I came across the Goli vitamins at my local Dollar Tree. I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Also, before you come at me – no these were not expired.

Just for cost reference, I Googled “Goli Greens” which is one of the varieties I found at my local Dollar Tree and for the big bottle at Target, it cost $19. For the little bottle, it was $9.99.

And guess what? I found both sizes at my Dollar Tree store.

Then I stopped at another Dollar Tree location on my way home and guess what? I found the Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies!!

I only found the small bottle but those are Walmart are $8.99 and these were just $1.25 each!!

Now, I did only get enough that would last me until the expiration date which was June/July but holy cow, this is an INCREDIBLE deal especially if you love this brand of vitamins.

So, if you enjoy these vitamins, run to your local Dollar Tree and grab some.

I found them right down the Vitamin isle. You have to be looking for them so you don’t miss them!

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