This Door Barricade Goes Right Over Your Door for Extra Security

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I’m just going to go ahead and say they need this in every school and in every classroom across the United States.

The HavenShield has a barricade for doors that makes them nearly impossible to get through, and I absolute am in love with this idea.

I’m so tired of my kids having to go through traumatic Lock Down Drills at school. I understand Fire Drill, Tornado Drills, and Earthquake Drills. Those are forces of nature that can’t be helped. It is absolutely senseless that they should have to be put through the fear and anxiety of the Lock Down Drill.

While the FIRST thing I thought of was this barricade’s usefulness at school, it is actually designed for use at home. I, absolutely, want to get a couple for use at my house.

My kids hate to be home alone. Maybe it’s because of the drills they have to experience at school, I don’t know. They are constantly in fear that somebody will break in and harm them. They don’t even like to be left alone in a room that has a door to the outside.

I think this HavenShield barricade would ABSOLUTELY give them some peace of mind about being in the house alone. They could feel a safety and security that I, alone can’t give them.

Knowing they have the power to fortify the door against intruders would go along way to boosting their confidence in their ability to keep themselves safe and secure.

HavenShield even has a Simple version of the barricade, if you don’t want to — or can’t — get the full version.

HAVENSHIELD Door Barricades can be used protect your family in many situations. They are good for schools, homes, and apartments. You can even install them in a dorm room for added security!

HAVENSHIELD Door Barricades will prevent or significantly increase the amount of time it takes for an intruder to get into your home, allowing you time to secure your family and call 911.


You may purchase the barricade right online at the HavenShield website. It comes already assembled. There is a simple mounting procedure, and they say it is kind of like hanging a wreath.

These barricades can fit on any conventional door in your home.  Use them on exterior doors, or turn your bedroom, bathroom or closet into an instant safe room.  The most important thing is to place the barricade in a location where you can activate it before an intruder gets to you.


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