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Doritos Cool Ranch Popcorn Is Here To Be Your New Favorite Munchie

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Hold the freaking phone!

Doritos Cool Ranch flavored Smartfood PopCorn exists, and some genius at Smartfood and Doritos needs a dadgum raise for this one.

Sam’s Club

This is sure to be a true masterpiece of edible junk food proportions!

Seriously, doesn’t this sound like the best idea ever for a popcorn flavor?

Sam’s Club

You want Doritos Cool Ranch, you want popcorn, they made it deliciously easy.

Sam’s Club

Right now, this Cool Ranch flavored Smartfood Popcorn is exclusive to Sam’s Club, but word on the street is that it’s going to expand to other stores nationwide.

We can hope, right?!?

Like most things at Sam’s Club, this bag of popcorn is bigger and better.

You are getting a giant 15 3/4 ounces of Cool Ranch Popcorn goodness, and just try not to eat it all in one sitting.

Movie night just got an upgrade. 🍿

Sam’s Club

Now, of course, this is a limited-edition flavor — meaning, it’s not going to be around forever.

You probably want to stock up on this Cool Ranch flavored Smartfood Popcorn while you can.

Not only is this one tasty flavor of our favorite popcorn snack, it is super easy on the wallet.

One giant bag of Cool Ranch flavored Smartfood Popcorn is only going to set you back about $6.25.

For that price, it is almost a MUST to take home 2 bags at a time.

You can get your own bag of Cool Ranch flavored Smartfood Popcorn at the Sam’s Club website or in your local Sam’s Club warehouse.

Sam’s Club

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