Doritos Tangy Pickle Chips Are Back In Stores and I’m Stocking Up Now

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By now you know that I love anything that is pickle-flavored! From Pickle Moonshine, Sour Pickle Beer, Pickle Cotton Candy… if it’s a pickle flavor ANYTHING, I’m going to want to try it.

So if you take Doritos (my favorite chip) and make them pickle flavor, you know I’m going to be all about it!

Tangy Pickle flavored Doritos are a REAL thing! At first, you could only get them in Canada, but now they are available in the USA! Frito-Lay has really made me proud with this one!


These are called the ‘Tangy Pickle Chips’! You get the crisp crunch of a Dorito Chip, with the bite of a pickle! I hope they have a strong dill taste because I love that! I bet they will definitely have that vinegar taste like salt and vinegar chips, which I also love!


People have said that they have found them at Dollar General and Circle K stores, and I think they may be exclusive to those two stores.


These were out for a limited time over the summer. But they are now back in stores! I’m going to head to Dollar General first to see if I can find them too!


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