You Can Get A Double Layer Snack Bowl That Also Holds Your Phone For The Best Binge Night Ever

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OMG! I was literally just eating sunflower seeds and watching Netflix on my phone the other day. It was highly annoying, because I had nowhere to throw the shells.

Then we came across this sweet snack dish on Amazon, and BONUS, it holds a phone!

You just store the fresh sunflower seeds on the top, and throw your used up shells in the bottom storage section! I LOVE it!!

Lay back and relax as you snack and watch your favorite TV shows utilizing the grooves to set your phone,Great for sunflower seeds


This is made from food grade plastic, and it comes apart for easy and convenient cleaning.

You could TOTALLY keep this on your desk at work for a multi level candy dish. You can just attach your phone to the top for a GREAT lunch break!

It comes in multiple colors — ya know, in case PINK isn’t your thing. I’ll go ahead and volunteer as tribute to take the pink. Ha!

You can get this multi-function candy dish and phone holder right on the Amazon website. It will run you less than eight bucks, and I’m getting one for my house, and I’m also getting one for my desk at work.

I am WAY more excited about this little dish than I probably should be. You NEED one, too!

Need some AMAZING candy to keep in this dish? Amazon has FIVE POUND BAGS of Sour Patch Kids. YES, please!

Courtesy of Amazon

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