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People Are Painting The Bottom of Their Pools Red To Turn Them Into ‘Dracula’s Tub’

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Now this is taking your love for Halloween to the next level!!

Instead of painting their pool blue, people are actually painting their pools red to turn them into ‘Dracula’s Hot Tub’ and now I want it!

Do you remember those black bottom pools I told you about? Well, those are cool and all, but if you are really into Halloween, these red bottom pools are where it’s at!!

So, the idea is, that you would paint the bottom of your pool red and then fill it up with water as usual.

That means every time you swim, it looks like you’re swimming a pool of blood.

Again, super cool if you’re looking to wow a crowd with your pool or ya know, you love Halloween.

There are even some hotels that have taken up this style especially around Europe.

So, what do you think? Cool or not?

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  1. Anything but cool, that pools gunna be hot as a mf…..reds gunna suck up all the heat….

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