These Guys Built A Drone That Looks Like Snoopy Flying Around On His Doghouse And I Love It

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Watch out, Red Baron! The Flying Ace and his trusty Sopwith Camel — AKA Snoopy and his doghouse — are now a drone, and he’s coming to get you!

Courtesy of Odditymall

The GENIUS guys at FlyGuyPromotions made flying Snoopy into a drone, and he’s my FAVORITE drone ever!

Courtesy of Odditymall

The drone body actually goes on the front of the doghouse, so Snoopy is made to take off STRAIGHT UP into the air.

Courtesy of Odditymall

Once you get him stable in the sky, however, he flies around with ease.

Courtesy of Odditymall

Now, this drone will run you about $700. There is a catch, however. The Snoopy doghouse doesn’t actually come with it at all. *Gasp*

Yep. You are actually paying for what is called a quadcopter, and it is the actual drone part.

You have to supply Snoopy and the doghouse, yourself.

There are some cutout templates, and instructions on forum sites like RCGroups.

If it were ME, I’d pay someone to make me one — it would work out a WHOLE lot better that way. Ha!

Courtesy of Odditymall

You can get your own quadcopter on the FlyGuy Promotions website.

Courtesy of Odditymall

So, this isn’t about Snoopy, but it’s totally about Peanuts! Ha! People are Putting Peanuts In Their Coke. Would you try it?

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