This Drunk Driver Took A Wrong Turn and Ended Up Driving Down A Frozen Canal

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These people ice skating on a frozen canal in Indianapolis never expected to come across what they saw on Christmas night.

While they were having fun skating on the ice, a car came driving down the frozen water!

Fox News Via Storyful

As you might imagine, the driver had been celebrating the Christmas season with a bit of liquid courage.

And, because we are just that lucky, they caught the whole thing on their phone.

Fox News Via Storyful

In this oddly eerie scene, Biankia Gleason can be seen maneuvering her car down the frozen waterway like it’s a city street.

Fox News Via Storyful

According to Fox News, Biankia told firefighters that her GPS was to blame for the weird scene.

Apple Maps

Apparently, she drove down an embankment, through the park, and onto the frozen canal.

I mean, I’ve taken wrong turns with my GPS, but this was next level wrong!

As you might imagine, her car broke through the ice before she was able to make it to an actual street.

She was able to make it out of the car before it submerged, thanks to some good samaritans who happened to be close by.

Fox News Via Storyful

Biankia was then checked out by EMS, and once she was deemed okay, she was arrested.

Fox News Via Storyful

She was able to post bond, and now has one heck of a story to tell.

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