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Australia Has An Annual Duck Fashion Show And Now I Want To Go

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The last day of 2020 has introduced me to some interesting things. First, it was the “ASSquatch” Taxidermy, now I learn that Australia has a Duck Fashion Show?

Yes, you read it right. A Duck Fashion Show. The coolest thing that happens near me is a Dachshund race down at the local feed store, no fancy attire required.

This fashion show is nothing new for Sydney, Australia though. They’ve been hosting this shindig for more than 30 years! It’s an annual event and where ducks are dressed up all fancy-like and then they do a duck strut down the duckwalk.

New York Fashion Week never captures my attention, but a Duck Fashion Show, I would totally be there!

The annual event is part of the “Sydney Royal Easter Show”. The ducks are dressed in pink, green, and yellow gowns with matching hats. This part of the Easter show is called the “Pied Piper Duck Show” and it attracts about 900,000 visitors!


The easter show also has Duck racing, much like the local event for Dachshunds held here in my town. Maybe I can talk the farm show into adding a fashion show as well?

Anyhow, take a moment to enjoy this video from one of the events.


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