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‘Duck Nails’ Are The Hottest New Beauty Trend and I’m Not Sure How To Feel

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The next beauty trend to hit the nail salon is none other a fashion named after an animal that has a yellow beak and waddles.

Courtesy of @showoffurnailz

Duck nails are currently the hottest new beauty trend and no, these nails are not colored yellow or shaped like ducks.

Courtesy of @casiewndl

Instead, these ten finger nails have regular designs, painted with bright colors and are popular with the classic french tip.

Courtesy of @graziaindia

The name comes from the fanned-out nail shape that’s supposed to resemble the shape of webbed duck feet, hence the introduction of “duck nails”.

Courtesy of @kristina_kouture

The popular beauty trend which is currently sharing the spotlight with random pickle pairings has going viral on all social media platforms from Facebook, to Instagram to TikTok.

Courtesy of @kittyyclawz

Similar to many past trends that have become even more popular in the present such as hair scrunchies, flared jeans and more, duck nails are an inspired 2000s beauty trend that was popular back in the day and are currently trending in the 21st century.

Courtesy of @kittyyclawz

While several videos have gone viral featuring the new(ish) nail shape and whether or not you’re looking to get in on the trend, duck nails are just one of the countless nail-spiration shapes, colors or designs out in the nail realm to give a try!

Courtesy of @nailsdelulu

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