Betty Crocker Is Releasing A Handful Of New Baking Kits Including A Dunkaroos Vanilla Frosting

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Just when you thought you were over the phase of licking frosting off your fingers, think again.

Betty Crocker has teamed up with Dunkaroo to create the ultimate whipped frosting that’ll have you weak in the knees.


Introducing Dunkaroo Vanilla Frosting but oh wait, there’s more than just a 90s throwback frosting you’ll want to add to your shopping cart on your next grocery store run.

Courtesy of General Mills

Introducing (for real this time), an entire new line of seasonal baking kits that will turn any amateur baker into a master chef.


Starting with the obvious, the new Dunkaroos frosting comes in a rich vanilla flavor with rainbow sprinkles!


Did I mention yet that Mrs. Betty is also releasing a Reese’s Pieces Surprise Cupcake Kit?


The genius invention not only includes a drool worthy chocolate cupcake mix, a vibrant green frosting to get you in the mood for the spring season but also adds the beloved orange Reese’s Pieces that come conveniently in a cute carrot pouch to fill the centers of your cupcakes!

Courtesy of General Mills

The new Hershey’s Kisses Blossom Cookie Kit is also a heart stopper.

This package includes sugar cookies, pastel sprinkles, and the iconic Hershey’s Kisses to put a twist on the OG peanut butter blossom cookies.

Courtesy of General Mills

Also included in the new baking kit lineup is the fresh Lemon Cookie Kit which basically describes itself, but just so you don’t miss out any details, this baking kit has a limited edition cookie mix with a sweet lemon flavor.

Courtesy of General Mills

Finally, to end the master lineup, you can also expect a Giant Cookie Kit and do I really have to go any further in detail about this baking kit?

You had me at “giant cookie” if you ask me.

Courtesy of General Mills

Beginning next month, you can find Betty Crocker’s new baking kits stocked on grocery store shelves nationwide!


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