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Dunkin’ Has Released Their Christmas Doughnut Line Up So The Holidays Can Be Extra Sweet

I’m always SUPER excited to see what stores have up their sleeves when it comes to holiday specials. But I have to say, Dunkin’ kind of dropped the ball…

We got a sneak peek of Dunkin’s doughnut line up for the Christmas and New Years season, but there’s honestly not much to be excited about…

yaaaaaaaawn. They did WAY better with their fall options. I’m not really sure what happened here. Let’s break it down.

So these are the doughnuts all stores are required to have available when this begins. Essentially it’s vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry doughnuts with Christmas sprinkles. Little hollies. (hey, it’s me!)

Then we have the “optionals”. Baker’s choice. So these may or may not be available depending on the store and mood of the bakers. And even if they are there, it’s really nothing to get too excited over. I’d rather it just stay fall.