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Dunkin’ Donuts is Launching A Super Secret Charli D’Amelio Drink

Charli D’amelio, if you haven’t heard of the famous TikToker yet, she currently stands at 83 million followers on the popular social media app.

The 16 year old rose to fame showing her dance moves on TikTok and if you haven’t heard the rumor, she might be getting a drink named after her at a popular coffee chain.

If you currently browse on TikTok, there’s a video going around that Dunkin’ is naming one of their cold brews after the famous 16 year old dancer; this news was supposed to be kept a secret until next month, that is until one individual posted it all over TikTok!


Can you help me bear the burden of this secret #shhh #oops #secret

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TikTok account @dunkinsecrets shared the news earlier this month, exposing the drink as a cold brew with caramel and whole milk which honestly sounds delicious to me.


THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR 75 MILLION I LOVE YOU ALLL!!! 💕💕 dc @noahbeck @trvpandre @yodamnmomma

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The “Charli drink” supposedly launches September 2nd and I’m excited to try it!

The TikTok account posted the video showing a pamphlet that reportedly states that this is the exact drink Charli frequently orders and now you can too!

So I guess for now, we’ll just have to wait and see what Dunkin’ does next.